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Speed Queen Top Load Washer Home Style


This Speed Queen top load washer has a 16 lb. capacity stainless steel tub. This Speed Queen will have your on-premises laundry done right. This commercial home-style washing machine delivers energy efficient water saving cycles to reduce hot water consumption. The home-style top load commercial washer uses a 1/2 HP motor that is capable of producing a revolutionary 710 RPM for maximum water extraction from clothing to reduce dry times in on-premises laundries. The Speed Queen LWNE52SP113TW01 commercial washer features electronic controls. Its rugged reliability built with solid construction and heavy duty components will deliver years of dependable service. Users enjoy clean results from the superior 210 degree agitation stroke which is the longest in the industry. Speed Queen top load washers offer superior out of balance protection to ensure the cycle continues without stopping the washer. This commercial top load washer is manufactured by Alliance Laundry System who also manufactures Unimac, Huebsch, Primus and Cissell.

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Speed Queen model LWNE52SP113TW01.

Made in the USA

Full 3 year warranty

Full 5 year warranty on the transmission and rust

Commercial Washer Control

  • Home style electronic control for top load washers
  • Clean design - easy operation for customers
  • Multiple temperature and fabric selections

Speed Queen Commercial Top Load Washing Machine Controls


Tolon TWE 15 Industrial Front Load Washer 35LB


The Tolon TWE 15 is a front load industrial washing machine with a 35 pound capacity. This Tolon front load washers is a freestanding, high spin washer with a modern compact design that allows for installation where hard mounting is not practical. It features a door that opens up to 180 degrees for easy loading and unloading. The commercial front load washer has a ceramic coated shaft which creates a longer life for the shaft, bearings and bearing house. The tub and the drum along with the front and soap dispenser panel are made of robust high quality stainless steel. This makes for stronger protection against rust to deliver a longer life with less maintenance.

The display on the Tolon TWE 15 is advanced and modern looking, high visibility and perfect for troubleshooting with color pictures to walk you through issues that may occur. The machine includes highly flexible programmable control with up to 99 programs. USB connection on the front of the washing machine makes for quick transfer and data editing on simple .csv format. Tolon industrial laundry equipment offers a 3 year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the bearing housing, the shaft and back. Tolon has been supplying stand-alone washer extractors, drying tumblers, ironing and folding machinery for nearly 80 years.

OEM Laundry Parts is the official Tolon distributor for Florida and Southern Georgia. Give us a call at (904) 240-0211.

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Tolon TWE 40 Industrial Front Load Washer 88LB


The Tolon TWE 40 front load industrial washer offers an 88 pound capacity for on-premises, commercial laundry facilities. This soft mount commercial washing machine is a freestanding, high spin washer with space-saving design. The washing machine's doors open up to 180 degrees for easy loading and unloading.

This Tolon washer features choice of liquid or powder detergent in the 5 or 6 compartment frontal dispenser. The washer's drum, tub, front panel and soap dispensing panel are all made with robust high quality stainless steel. Tolon on-premises commercial washers feature a ceramic coated shaft for longer life due to less friction on sealing surfaces. There is a 7 inch color display for easy operation. This display offers photographic illustrated troubleshooting guide for easy problem solving. It has an accelerometer for perfect balancing. Tolon industrial laundry machines offer a 3 year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the bearing housing, the shaft and back plate. Since Jensen Group acquired 49% of Tolon, it has grown to become the leader in market share at heavy-duty laundries worldwide.

OEM Laundry Parts is the official Tolon washer distributor for Florida and Southern Georgia. Give us a call at (904) 240-0211!

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