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Veterinary Clinic Commercial Laundry Equipment
Veterinary Clinics

Just like hospitals, veterinary clinics need to maintain pristine hygienic conditions. Vets fully understand the importance of proper laundry at a veterinary clinic. If you are a vet with your own business, you know that ordinary washing machines and laundry equipment found inside residential homes are not enough for your clinic. Commercial laundry equipment that is high quality and reliable is required to cater to your specific standards. Here are a few things you need to seriously consider when buying laundry equipment for a veterinary clinic.

Important Things for Veterinarians to Consider Before Buying Laundry Equipment

  • Properly Disinfect the Laundry

Whether you are washing table sheets, towels, cleaning rags or other items you use while treating the animals, they must be 100% disinfected. This can only be made possible with strong washing that comes with commercial laundry equipment. Consider using machines with automatic controls, so you can utilize presets to ensure that all fabrics are cleaned and disinfected of any microbes.

  • Fast Cleaning

Many veterinary clinics still suffer from piles of laundry items that remain unwashed for hours or days. With laundry equipment that is not quick and efficient, they often can’t keep up with their laundry demands. This is a huge concern since viral diseases can accumulate in an area where such dirty, contaminated and soiled items are kept for days, which makes it more important that you purchase commercial laundry equipment that can provide a fast turnaround time when washing and drying.

  • Good ROI

Being a professional and certified veterinarian is noble however, you have to realize that you are running a business and you need to earn profits. When you own a veterinary clinic, you don’t want big chunks of your revenue to be taken away by utility bills and repairing costs of your laundry equipment. Buying reliable machines means you can expect better return on investment in the long run. The latest commercial laundry equipment for vets is energy-efficient and consumes less water. The reduced drying time can significantly minimize your energy costs.

How OEM Can Help Vet Clinics

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