Correctional Facilities

Laundry Equipment for Correctional Facilities
Correctional Facilities

Correctional facilities require an efficient laundry solution to keep up with high demands. While it depends on the size of the establishment, the laundry needs high-speed commercial laundry equipment. However, there are many challenges that come with managing laundry in prisons.

Laundry Challenges at Correctional Facilities

  • Commercial Laundry Equipment Needs to Be Budget Friendly

One of the biggest concerns for most prisons is that they are on a tight budget. They cannot afford to spend a big chunk of their budget on commercial laundry equipment. They can deal with this problem in a couple different ways - either buy new and more energy efficient equipment or go for used laundry equipment. Used commercial laundry equipment is not always reliable when bought from the wrong vendor. It could be missing important parts or require a lot of repairing frequently. On the flip side, the new energy-efficient laundry equipment can be expensive up front despite its great long-term benefits.

  • Laundry Should Be Fast but Clean

There can be hundreds of inmates at one correctional facility, and so the equipment needs to provide fast laundry. The machines should have large openings to insert lots of clothing items at once conveniently. Furthermore, extraction speeds of your equipment have to be high in order to reduce drying times. Keep in mind that this laundry equipment has to deal with a broad range of items from personal belongings of the inmates to their blankets and bedding. Unless your equipment offers quick cleaning and drying, laundry can become a nightmare for you.

  • Operation Controls Should Be User-Friendly

Inmates have to do their own laundry. There are no professional workers to do the laundry for them, which calls for user-friendly and easy-to-understand controls. Your programmable machines should be designed for automatic chemical injection to reduce laundry time and proper cleaning. Automatic chemical injection can also not only save you a lot of detergent and money, but chemicals are kept out of inmates hands that could be mishandled.

How OEM Laundry Parts Can Help

At, OEM Laundry Parts, we understand all the challenges that come with laundry needs in correctional facilities in Florida and southern Georgia. You will be glad to know that we have been serving this industry for several years, and have a great understanding of the kind of commercial laundry equipment you will need. Our commercial laundry equipment is reliable and has been built to last over the years. Our energy-efficient equipment will be light on your budget but heavy on stains and contaminants. We have programmable equipment with automatic chemical injection features as well as fast cycle speeds. OEM Laundry Parts can also provide you with used equipment that looks just like new if you are on a tight budget. With our huge network of suppliers and internationally recognized laundry brands, parts and supplies are at your fingertips.

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