Athletic Facilities

Laundry Equipment for Athletic Facilities
Athletic Facilities

Whether you have a fitness center, gymnasium, athlete training center or some other athletic facility, laundry is going to be a part of your daily operations. How carefully you have picked your commercial laundry equipment will decide how carefree you are from the laundry department. Athletic facilities have to launder a variety of items on a daily basis, much of which consist of towels. In addition to towels, you have the expensive sports gear and uniforms to wash. These are two completely different items that require different handling. Here are some of the things you have to be careful about:

Careful Considerations for the Laundry of an Athletic Facility

  • You Need to Wash Different Types of Items

As mentioned above, the laundry at a sports or athletic facility can consist of towels, sports gear, uniforms, socks, headbands, wristbands, etc. These different types of items require different washing conditions for perfect cleaning. For washing towels, you would want your machines to spin fast to extract as much water as possible, reducing the drying times significantly. As for uniforms and sports clothing, you have to take into consideration the special wicking fabric and microfibers that can get destroyed if not washed properly.

  • You Need to Save Money

Inferior laundry can cause you to spend more money than you should. First, your laundry equipment should be energy-efficient and water saving. When your equipment is being used continuously on a daily basis like this, small differences can end up being huge differences at the end of the year regarding costs. Energy-efficient commercial laundry equipment can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars every year.

  • You Need Uninterrupted Operations

If you own a fitness club, you have to provide them with fresh and clean linens and towels every single day. Your customers will not accept any excuses about why you were not able to wash the towels, which can have an effect on their loyalty to your fitness facility in the long run.

Why Choose OEM Laundry Parts

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