Commercial Washers & Dryers

OEM Laundry Parts has the latest in commercial washing machines, dryers, and laundry equipment from industry-leading brands like Speed Queen, Wascomat, and Tolon. We've got top load washers, front load washers, stack washers and dryers, and more commercial washing machines for sale. If you're looking for commercial washers and dryers for sale, shop our site today and find the commercial washing machines you need. If you have questions or need further assistance, call (904) 240-0211 to discuss commercial washers and dryers for your laundromat, multi-housing, or on-premise laundry facility.

The Benefits of Commercial Washers and Dryers

Investing in commercial washers and dryers is a smart decision for businesses looking to improve their laundry processes. Here are some key advantages you receive when you purchase a commercial dryer and washer from OEM Laundry Parts:

Commercial Washers and Dryers Commercial Washers and Dryers

Increased Efficiency

While commercial washers and dryers may have a higher upfront cost than residential machines, they are built to last longer and are more durable. Save money over time by avoiding frequent repairs or replacements.

Improved Cleaning Performance

Commercial washing machines are designed to handle tough stains and heavy use, resulting in improved cleaning performance compared to residential machines. A commercial dryer and washer can maintain a higher level of cleanliness and hygiene, which is especially important in industries such as healthcare and food service.

Customizable Options

Commercial washers and dryers offer a range of customizable options, such as different cycle types and programmable settings. You'll be able to tailor your commercial laundry equipment to your specific needs and preferences.

Types of Commercial Washing Machines For Sale

OEM Laundry parts offers a variety of commercial washers and dryers for sale that help businesses clean large loads of laundry quickly. These machines have a simple design and are easy to use, making them a popular choice for laundromats, hotels and other businesses with high-volume laundry needs.

Small Rear Control Dryers

Small rear control dryers are a compact and efficient option for businesses that have limited space but still need to dry large loads of laundry. These commercial dryers can be stacked on top of a washer or placed side-by-side, making them a versatile option for businesses of all sizes.

Top Load Washers

Top load washers are a classic and reliable option for businesses that need to clean large loads of laundry quickly. Top-loading commercial washers have a simple design and are easy to use, making them a popular choice for laundromats, hotels and other businesses.

Front Load Washers

Front load washers are more energy-efficient and high-performance, designed to offer improved cleaning compared to top-load commercial washers. They are also gentler on fabrics and have larger capacities.

Small Front Control Dryers

Small front control dryers are also compact and efficient commercial dryers for businesses that need bulk laundry services. These machines have a smaller footprint than rear control dryers and are designed to fit in tight spaces, making them a popular choice for laundromats, apartment complexes and other businesses with limited space.

Stack Washers and Dryers

Stack washers and dryers are space-saving options that combine a commercial washer and dryer into a single unit. Due to their small footprint, these commercial laundry machines are exceedingly popular in apartment complexes that offer in-unit laundry services.

Coin-Operated Stack Dryers

Coin-operated stack dryers are popular for laundromats and other commercial laundry service providers. These commercial dryers consist of two units stacked on top of each other, with built-in coin slots for retail service.

Soft Mount Front Load Washers

These commercial washers are designed for installation without the need for a concrete foundation. These machines are flexible options businesses prefer if they need to move their commercial washing machines frequently or have limited space.

Hard Mount Front Load Washers

Hard mount front load washers are designed to be installed on a concrete foundation. These commercial washers offer improved durability and stability compared to soft mount washers. These machines are a great choice for businesses that need reliable, high-capacity, long-lasting laundry solutions.

Single Pocket Tumble Dryers

A simple and efficient solution, single pocket tumble dryers are used by businesses that need to dry large loads of laundry quickly. These machines have a basic design and are easy to use. Single pocket commercial dryers are popular selections for laundromats, hotels and other businesses with high-volume laundry needs.

Stack Tumble Dryers

Stack tumble dryers are another space-saving option that combines two commercial dryers in one unit. These machines are designed to be stacked on top of each other and offer improved efficiency and performance compared to separate machines.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Commercial Washers and Dryers

If you're considering purchasing commercial washers and dryers for your business, you likely have some questions. Choosing the right machines can be a significant investment, and it's important to make informed decisions to ensure your investment pays off. In this section, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about commercial washers and dryers, helping you make informed decisions and choose the best machines for your business needs.

What Is a Commercial-Grade Washer & Dryer?

Commercial-grade washers and dryers are heavy-duty laundry machines designed to handle high-volume loads and frequent use, commonly found in laundromats, hotels and other businesses that require large-scale laundry capabilities. They typically have more durable construction, higher capacity and faster cycle times than residential models.

What Type of Washing Machine Is Best For My Business?

Choosing the right commercial washer and dryer for your business is a critical decision. You want to make sure that the machines you select meet the needs of your business, while also providing a reliable and efficient laundry solution. The following factors are important to consider when choosing the right commercial washer and dryer:

  • Capacity
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Maintenance
  • Operating Costs

What Is the Typical Lifespan of a Commercial Washer and Dryer?

The typical lifespan of a commercial washer and dryer can vary depending on a number of factors, including usage, maintenance and the quality of the machines. In general, most commercial washers and dryers are designed to last between 10 and 15 years with proper care and maintenance.

Regular maintenance is critical to extending the lifespan of your machines. Make sure to clean the lint filters and the lint trap after each cycle and perform regular deep cleaning of the machine's interior components.

What Safety Features Should I Look For in Commercial Laundry Machines?

Safety features are an essential consideration when selecting commercial laundry machines for your business. Here are some key safety features to look for:

  • Door Locks
  • Emergency Shut-offs
  • Overheating Protection
  • Electrical Safety
  • Child Safety

Find the Perfect Commercial Washer and Dryer For Sale at OEM Laundry Parts

Trying to find a commercial washing machine for sale that will meet your needs? Shop now in our online store. Our selection of top-quality commercial laundry machines is sure to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for front load commercial washers, stack tumble dryers or coin-operated machines, we've got you covered. Along with commercial washers and dryers, you can find all the commercial laundry equipment and supplies you need. Find parts for commercial dryers as well as money boxes, carts, laundry bins, coin slides and vending soap. Make OEM Laundry Parts your premier supplier of commercial laundry machines.

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