Fire Departments

Washing the protective gear of firefighters is different than other laundry tasks. Uniforms that firefighters wear are not regular clothes but have various special components to protect them against the elements. Their gear is not just dirty but unhygienic after a fireman completes a day at work. Regular washing machines and equipment are not suitable for getting rid of the dangerous chemicals and contaminants. It is important that you follow the list of guidelines from NFPA[HA1] for washing these special suits with laundry equipment that meets the standards of cleaning firefighter gear.

Three Big Laundry Challenges of Fire Departments

Meet Strict Washing Guidelines

As mentioned, there are certain guidelines that you can check on the NFPA website for cleaning the firefighter gear. The big challenge here is that commonly available commercial laundry equipment is not fit for the job. You have to use the latest machines, dryers and laundry methods to ensure the gear is free from any contamination. The most suitable pieces of laundry equipment for fire departments are the new programmable ones. With their low speed cycles and washing speeds, they meet the washing guidelines and deliver the best results.

Must Not Damage the Fabri

cSince you have to follow special washing guidelines and purge the gear of any contaminants, you might feel that strong washing is the way to go. However, fast and strong washing can destroy the gear fabric, lowering its protective qualities. This can be extremely dangerous for the firefighters. The shell and fiber of the gear can only be safe when you use programmable washers and air drying equipment.

No Downtimes

Understanding the nature of firefighters’ job, there is no way you can afford downtime due to laundry. Keep in mind that firefighters have to be ready to save lives at any time of the day. By providing the proper equipment you ensure that their gear is ready to go whenever they receive their next call to a scene.

The OEM Laundry Parts Difference

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