Coin Laundries/Vended Laundries

Owning a coin or vended laundry facility is one of the most lucrative businesses out there. You don’t have to worry about the changing conditions of country’s economy because everyone will be washing and drying their clothes nonetheless. Furthermore, you get to make a great return on your investment in this type of business. The cash operation and no waiting for receivables are also important points that make coin laundry/laundromat business attractive. However, all the good news can become bad news if you end up picking the wrong commercial laundry equipment from the wrong vendor.

Reasons to Buy the Most Reliable Laundry Equipment for Coin Laundries

Good ROI

The first sign of a successful business is the return on investment. A successful coin laundry can easily earn you a profitable return on your investment. But there is a huge contribution of your commercial laundry equipment in that return. If your washers, dryers, folders, and irons need constant repair, you might not be able to hit this percentage or even come close to it. Moreover, your laundry equipment might be powered by electricity or gas. If the equipment is not efficient when it comes to using electricity or gas, it will result in diminished ROI.

Customer Satisfaction

Coin laundries have to use many different techniques to turn their customers into loyal customers. Some will provide free pick up and drop off for their customers while others will give free bags. While these are great add-ons to your services, there is nothing more impressive for customers than smoothly running laundry equipment. Depending on the day of the week or season, you can expect a lot of foot traffic at your laundromat. If your equipment is acting up, your customer’s loyalty can be affected.

Peace of Mind

Interruptions and downtime are a part of business no matter how much you try to avoid them. However, what worsens the situation is when you are not able to find a solution to the problem. A coin laundry has washers, dryers, vending machines etc., which means you have to take care of a lot of equipment. Wouldn't it be a mental nuisance to run to a different place for parts and repairs of each component of your equipment? It will only prolong the downtime and send more customers home unattended.

The OEM Laundry Parts Difference

OEM Laundry Parts has been providing reliable laundry equipment to hundreds of coin laundries in Florida and southern Georgia. We have solutions for all your laundry needs in one place. Whether you need new or used commercial laundry equipment, laundry supplies, parts, etc. OEM is here for you. We will make it easy for you to start and manage your own laundry business. With a huge stock of laundry equipment, all durable and energy-efficient, you are able to make big profits from your coin laundry business. Call us at (904) 240-0211 and set your business on the path of success!