Why Professionals Should Install Your Laundromat Equipment

Laundry Equipment Installation

If you’ve recently purchased commercial laundry equipment for your laundromat business, you may be considering installing your new washers and dryers yourself or hiring a contractor. However, improper installation can lead to major maintenance issues down the road. One of the benefits of working with a commercial laundry distributor like OEM is that the professionals … Continue Reading »

Why Energy Efficiency Is Important For Your Laundry Business

Energy efficiency is hot topic among many business owners and investors, but especially for those in the laundry industry. Water and electricity make a laundry business run – literally and figuratively. As the costs of water and electricity rise, energy efficiency is only going to be more important. If you’re new to the laundry industry … Continue Reading »

What You Should Know About Tolon Laundry Equipment

What You Should Know About Tolon Laundry Equipment

OEM Laundry Parts first started selling high-quality commercial laundry equipment from Tolon Global in summer of 2017. We absolutely love their commercial laundry products – and we want to share them with you! If you’re looking for commercial washers and dryers for your laundromat, hotel, apartment complex, or other on-premise laundry business, Tolon is a … Continue Reading »