Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Laundry Equipment In Top Shape

Too often OEM Laundry Parts get questions and service calls regarding issues with equipment that could have been prevented had the machines been properly maintained and taken care of. With the day to day responsibilities of running your business, maintaining your commercial laundry equipment may be low on the list of priorities. However, it shouldn’t … Continue Reading »

Community Laundry Rooms vs. In Unit Laundry Rooms

Community Laundry Rooms vs. In Unit Laundry Rooms

Everyone has to do laundry, so it’s no surprise that laundry services are one of the top amenities that renters are looking for. When building or updating a renter property, landlords can often struggle with whether to offer a community laundry room or provide in unit laundry services. Let’s take a look at the pros … Continue Reading »

Why Professionals Should Install Your Laundromat Equipment

Laundry Equipment Installation

If you’ve recently purchased commercial laundry equipment for your laundromat business, you may be considering installing your new washers and dryers yourself or hiring a contractor. However, improper installation can lead to major maintenance issues down the road. One of the benefits of working with a commercial laundry distributor like OEM is that the professionals … Continue Reading »