1. Domestic vs. Commercial Washing Machine: Finding the Ideal Solution for Your Needs

    Domestic Vs Commercial Washing Machine

    In the fast-paced world of industrial and commercial businesses, having the right laundry equipment is essential for meeting high-capacity demands. If you own or manage a laundry service or business, choosing between domestic and commercial washing machines will require an understanding of their unique features (and your budget).

    In this article, we will compare domestic vs commercial washing machines, highlighting factors such as capacity, cost-effectiveness, maintenance and specialized features. By the end, you'll be equipped to make an informed decision for your industrial or commercial business – and better understand why opting for commercial grade washing machines is likely the best option for your needs.

    What Is a Commercial Washer?

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  2. 5 of the Best Commercial Washing Machine Brands

    Best Commercial Washers

    In today's fast-paced world, the importance of efficient and reliable commercial washing machines can't be overstated. Whether it's for a bustling laundromat, a busy hotel or a high-demand industrial setup, commercial washing machines play an integral role in maintaining the flow of clean, fresh laundry. However, with the numerous commercial washing machine brands vying for your attention in the market, choosing the right laundry equipment can be a challenging task.

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  3. How To Reduce Slips and Falls at Your Laundromat

    How To Reduce Slips and Falls at Your Laundromat

    We’ve previously discussed safety at your laundromat in terms of theft and vandalism, but what about slips and falls? Slips and falls account for over 1 million hospital emergency room visits each year, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. Laundromats are, unfortunately, full of potential hazards. Water on the floor, soap spills, dropped clothes, and loose tiles or carpeting are all hazards, especially as people are carrying baskets and bundles of laundry and not looking down. If there is anything in the way that shouldn’t be there, you can almost guarantee they’ll slip or trip over it. No business owner wants to deal with legal issues and settlements, so it’s best to be proactive. There a

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  4. Why Buy New Commercial Laundry Equipment vs. Used

    Why Buy New Commercial Laundry Equipment vs. Used


    When you’re in the market for laundry equipment for your coin laundromat or a variety of other businesses where laundry is a top concern, there are plenty of options to choose from. You could buy new, refurbished or rebuilt, or used equipment. As a savvy business owner and investor, it may be tempting to save money by purchasing used or restored laundry equipment that’s not from a trusted distributor at a lower cost. However, used equipment isn’t always as cost-effective as it seems if it’s not from a reputable distributor and information about the machine

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  5. Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Laundry Equipment In Top Shape

    Easy Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Laundry Equipment In Top Shape

    Too often OEM Laundry Parts get questions and service calls regarding issues with equipment that could have been prevented had the machines been properly maintained and taken care of. With the day to day responsibilities of running your business, maintaining your commercial laundry equipment may be low on the list of priorities. However, it shouldn’t be. No matter whether you operate a vended laundry business, multi-housing facility, or a business with on-premise laundry equipment, there are people that depend on your washers and dryers. In case you forgot:

    • Broken down and out-of-order machines can’t be used by customers or employees, which means you’re losing money and disappointing patrons.
    • Repairs and replacement parts can be costly. Ongoing maintenance can help detect and prevent minor issues before they become big problems.   
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  6. 3 Ways to Up Your Laundromat’s Game

    3 Ways to Up Your Laundromat’s Game

    With almost 30,000 coin laundries in the United States, it can be hard to set yourself apart. Success in the laundry industry comes with offering what other businesses can’t and going against the grain. If you’re ready to up your game and see increased success at your laundry business, keep reading. We’re diving into some of the ways you can take your laundromat to the next level.

    1) Expand services.

    If you’re feeling stagnant or not seeing the success you want, expanding your services is a great way to up your game and delight your customers. While you can get creative, when it comes offering additional services, there are really two main directions you can go — additional laundry services or a hybrid-style laundromat.


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  7. Easy Ways to Attract Customers To Your Laundromat

    Easy Ways to Attract Customers To Your Laundromat

    Whether you’re opening a new laundromat or you’ve been around the industry a while, consistently attracting new customers to your facility is important for long-term success. However, there are almost 30,000 coin laundries in the United States. With all that competition, expanding your customer base is no easy feat. The important thing is to understand your patrons and differentiate yourself from competitors. If you want to attract more customers and grow your business, try…

    Implement a loyalty program.

    Savvy consumers always look for ways to save money and love being rewarded for their loyalty to a brand or business. That’s why punch cards and other loyalty programs are a great way to attract new customers and keep them coming back again and again. In fact, U.S. consumers hold more than

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  8. Four Ways to Wow Renters with an Awesome Community Laundry Room

    Four Ways to Wow Renters with an Awesome Community Laundry Room

    Good landlords understand that success comes when you find responsible tenants and keep them happy — which leads to occupied units and consistent rent checks. That means your rental units have to outshine your competitor’s vacant apartment down the street. There’s a lot that makes a rental property desirable, but laundry is one of the top amenities today’s renters are looking for when searching for a place to live. While you may not be able to offer in-unit laundry to every tenant, having a proper communal laundry room can still help set you apart. If you’re planning a new apartment complex or upgrading a current facility, here are some tips to help you wow renters with a community laundry room in your apartment complex.

    1. Keep it clean.

    We can’t stress this one enough. We understand that you’re busy and have

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  9. Community Laundry Rooms vs. In Unit Laundry Rooms

    Community Laundry Rooms vs. In Unit Laundry Rooms

    Everyone has to do laundry, so it’s no surprise that laundry services are one of the top amenities that renters are looking for. When building or updating a renter property, landlords can often struggle with whether to offer a community laundry room or provide in unit laundry services. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each to help you figure out what might work best for your property.

    Pros of Community Laundry Rooms

    • They require fewer machines than putting one in each apartment, which means lower initial costs for investors and lower ongoing utility costs.
    • They can be a hub for residents and foster a sense of community in the facility. That sense of community can lead to less tenant turnover and increased safety in the building.
    • You can charge residents to use the machines, which provides an additional income source.
    • Add vending machines in the community laundry can also provide additional revenue opportunities.
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  10. 4 Reasons Landlords Should Offer Laundry Services to Renters

    4 Reasons Landlords Should Offer Laundry Services to Renters

    If you’re building or renovating a rental property, now is the time to starting thinking about commercial laundry equipment. If you’re on the fence about providing laundry equipment for your tenants, you’re not alone. Many property owners don’t think it’s worth the investment to provide laundry equipment to renters. However, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that offering laundry equipment at your apartments, condos, and duplexes can help set your properties apart and increase your overall success. Here’s how:

    You’ll earn more money.

    Washers and dryers can be a great source of additional revenue for landlords and property owners. More amenities mean you can set your rental rates higher and earn more from your tenants. In fact, research shows that apartments with in-unit washers and dryers command a 10% per month

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