Speed Queen Stack Washer Dryer Coin Operated, Electric Heating


Speed Queen Stack Washer Dryer Coin Operated, Electric Heating
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Weight 417.00 lbs
Genuine SpeedQueen Part Number: STENCASP175TW01
SKU SKU90325
Coin box
Extended 5 year warranty

This Speed Queen (STENCASP175TW01) coin operated stack washer and dryer has both the inner drum and outer drum made from stainless steel unlike many other brands that are made out of plastic. The commercial washing machine has a dynamic balancing system that will redistribute the out of balanced loads by using its on board logic programming. Speed Queen's stack washer also has a high extraction speed of 1200 RPM that delivers 440 G-force and a low water consumption of only 11.7 gallons to help conserve on water usage. Both the commercial dryer and the washer door open up to 180 degrees to make it easy to load and unload your laundry.

The coin operated Speed Queen dryer offers extremely fast and efficient drying by utilizing its superior airflow pattern that has been designed by Alliance Laundry Systems. The commercial stack dryer also offers a large 7.0 cu. ft. cylinder and has very large and easy to clean lint filter which is located in the front of the dryer to make for a convenient clean out.

This electric operated commercial stack washer dryer is a great option for guest laundries in hotels with limited space and is a convenient option for apartments and multi-housing when space constraints are an issue.

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Speed Queen's Quantum Control, electric operated commercial washer requires 120V/60Hz/1Ph and the dryer requires 240V/60HZ/1ph.

Speed Queen model STENCASP175TW01.

* does not include the coin boxes.

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